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Tilda and Jed by ANTWRANGLER on

From My editorial for Kenzo. Full story here. 

I recenlty worked on a campaign and a lookbook for the brand April77  I did three small films and some pictures, inspired by various things such as : Chroma-Key, Psychodiagnostics, Yoga, Magic Mushrooms, Not Being an Adult, Nirvana, Ambivalence, Confusion and Spring.   It’s called ‘In Bloom’ and it can be seen on the April77 website.I really enjoyed working on this and with everyone who has been part of the project. ☯

The rest of the pictures are here.  And Videos here.
"I’m not out there to make another ‘great picture…’ I’m really out there to feel what it feels like to be alive and conscious in that moment. In a sense, the record of my photographs is a record of moments of consciousness and awareness that have come to me in my life."

— Joel Meyerowitz

“The way someone makes a gesture on the street or the way couples react to each other or the simultaneity of two things happening at the same time and the relationship between them,” are some of the elements he looks for. “It was the wonder of human nature and this incredible capacity for things to keep showing themselves to me,” he says.

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Charleston, South Carolina, 1982. Joel Meyerowitz
Do you have any advice for young photographers starting out, or people who are just interested in photography?

I think that it would be the same thing I would say to someone who is older and more experienced if this question came up. It seems to me that there’s a moment when you press the shutter release on the camera when the person you are, the person holding the camera, says yes. Every time you take a picture, you’re saying yes to what you see. There should be a degree of consciousness about who you are in the world at that moment, a kind of integrated consciousness. It’s not blind luck, so if one can find what it is that makes you conscious, what gives you the pleasure of being alive at that moment, I feel that is what leads you to your own identity. Because in the long run, your individual identity will be revealed by the strength of the photographs you make in one year, ten years, 15 years—there’s a string. They’re like little jewels on the string and they carry all the messages that you were excited by when the world spoke to you. I think that’s what happens and I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself. Somehow you have that gasp come over you—you think, Oh, oh, now! You raise the camera and maybe the thing has gone by now or maybe it’s just unfolding in front of you and you intercept it at the right moment. That right moment is your moment of being conscious. So I would say to young artists that are beginning, try to understand when you’re fully conscious and accept your identity being awakened by the world around you. If you listen to that, you’ll have a singular vision—it will be your vision.

-Joel Meyerowitz

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