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jesús monterde

Jack likes to drive DG, his old boxy 4x4, like it was meant to be driven. Going out into the desert with him is always an adventure. I remember first getting to Green River, months before this shot, hanging out the side of the window looking back from where we had came, Jack laughing as I showed him a map to a piece of the old missile testing puzzle out there in desert. Of course he would have already bumped along those roads, I should have known better. 

From Morocco
Michael Danner

morocco, it doesnt seem as nice as it isnt there

Actually, things aren’t as bad as a simple DOF calculation suggests because at f/2.0 lens quality limits on-film sharpness more than the potential focus discrepancy — the focus accuracy necessary to achieve near-optimal on-film resolution drops when lens quality becomes more of a limiting factor than the DOF

Konica Hexar AF


I also did this variation. Geordie said it could be a potential M.I.A. album cover.

this is so amazing

Photographs shot by German soldiers

 chang ming chih
Tilda and Jed by ANTWRANGLER on

From My editorial for Kenzo. Full story here. 

I recenlty worked on a campaign and a lookbook for the brand April77  I did three small films and some pictures, inspired by various things such as : Chroma-Key, Psychodiagnostics, Yoga, Magic Mushrooms, Not Being an Adult, Nirvana, Ambivalence, Confusion and Spring.   It’s called ‘In Bloom’ and it can be seen on the April77 website.I really enjoyed working on this and with everyone who has been part of the project. ☯

The rest of the pictures are here.  And Videos here.