the internetz

"well i know i don’t want to be nowhere, i told myself"

— 12fv

"currently rotting"

— 12fv

"and what are the merits for this transformation?"

"who should i become?"

Alaska, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Israel, Mongolia, and Amsterdam

"On not knowing… that’s genius"

"death comes for all of us yes, but have you good stories to tell him?"

"What’s going on outside? Lmk."

— 12fv

"we don’t believe in ourselves because we’re really scared of what’s next."

— 12fv

"I stepped outside into the brisk morning today and all I could think about was the salty aftertaste of a ramen packet…"

— 12fv

"In my uneasy stages of consciousness, I dream of you."

"the beauty of the earth riddled with the ugliness that inhabits it"

— 12fv, 2010

"when you find yourself in the midst of a maelstrom, seek within and find peace in the wake of silence."

— (via 12fv-labs)

"where do we go from here?"


— 12FV